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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  October 15, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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make a point... i do like to save money... catch you on the flip, suckas! geico. because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer. ♪ . action news news, delaware valley's leading news program. with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. a philadelphia sheriff's deputy is recovering. the big story is the arrest of that suspect in south philadelphia. after he took off from the scene >> authorities say a 14-year-old run away was inside the vehicle at the time of the hit-and-run. action news report bob brooks has latest on the investigation. >> reporter: when we tell
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neighbors what happened here in their south philadelphia neighborhood they're stunned >> i don't know hows at the word, i'm in shock. >> i just don't understand that to be totally honest with you. >> reporter: it's where a 32-year-old man found in his car with him a missing 14-year-old girl. >> i believe he should be locked up. >> reporter: police say that same man attacked a philadelphia sheriff's deputy. the weapon his car? it happened last night around 11:30 at the intersection of seventh and bigler. two sheriffs deputies were working on a task force locate a runway 14-year-old girl. they spotted her with the suspect. 32-year-old devon harley at the intersection in his car. the deputies tried to get him to cooperate but he hit the gas and one of them. police say after hallway hit the deputy he took off to the 900 block of johnson street and sure enough that's where they would find his white pontiac grand me >> after the impact the side view mirror fell off. luckily no one was seriously
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injured he oh would be caught soon after >> the man is no good. deserve it's whatever he gets. >> reporter: the suspect's name devon harley faces aggravated assault charges. reporting in south philadelphia bob brooks channel 6. a 47-year-old man is hospitalized after he says he was shot trying to stop a woman from being robbed. police say the victim was shot in the chest at about 5:30 this morning at emerald and atlantic street in kensington. afterwards he crashed into parked car on frankford avenue. he was taken to temple where he remains in stable condition tonight. a frightened puppy was rescued by police, found under the overpass at 20th and packer in south philadelphia. how did he get there? action news . >> reporter: you can see on this legend that's under 76, this is right near 20th and packer.
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take a look at the pictures that a view sent in shows where the dog was in the corner right underneath that overpass scared and anxious. now, the delaware river port authority confirms their officers responded, philadelphia police say the first district police officers also responded getting that pooch to safety that was so close to traffic. this, philadelphia police are saying to action news that dog was with his owners, they say at this time, again, there's no sure if it was ever actually on the interstate or how it got there, but the good news is the dog was safe. anthony mccore mac channel 6 action news. turning to accu weather, we're hoping we were hoping to see the 80's today, and also hoping to see some sunshine but never quite broke through >> melissa magee has look what the we can expect >> unfortunately today, we were stuck in the clouds it was gray across much of the delaware and lehigh valley, yesterday's high
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73 and so far today in philadelphia, maxing out at 71 to despite the cloud cover, temperatures slightly above the norm of 67 this time of you're. as we look outside now, it's 72, spiking up to that number in philadelphia. 61 in the poconos, 69 for allentown and reading, at the coast in cape may 73 down in dover, more on the way as sunshine temperature there, coming in at 74. so here's satellite 6 along with action radar, we got a fair amount of cloud cover. we had south to south westerly wind but not much of a wind flow to scout out the cloud cover in the lower levels to the atmosphere, and they hung on today, widen out the picture. we're tracking a cold front stretched out from the upper portions of new york state, the eastern great lakes region as well. this will work its way to the south and east as we go throughout the rest of the overnight hours and into the day tomorrow. and behind that comes a big change on wait, we'll talk about the weather headlines, a few
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showers likely later on tonight and first thing tomorrow morning, in the wake of that cold front moving on through, it's cooler on monday and a bit of a fall feel in the air, and we're tracking a sunny and dry stretch up made this week, detailing coming up for an exclusive accu-weather forecast. now to the california wildfires, firefighters are battling multiple fires in the northern part of the state and the area of sonoma county remains under mandatory evacuation. but there is good news. >> reporter: after the deadliest week in wildfires california has ever seen, finally some cautious optimism. >> we're starting to get the lead on many of these fires, we're not out of the woods yet. >> reporter: containment numbers on all major fires are up and residents inside napa city limits and hard hit areas of santa rosa are now coming home. yet firefighters warned some areas remain extremely dangerous. >> we understand that desire to get back in the homes be everyone wants to be at home. unfortunately, there are
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condition that is are out here that still do not allow us to let the public back in. not only for their safety but our safety as well. >> reporter: for many the damage is already done. >> the house is gone. seen aerial shots. >> reporter: he went to work opening up all the grocery stores he manages in the area >> first have to take care of the community and do what we can and we got the stores open, this is my family, my people. >> reporter: in the evacuation zone, he is opening his doors for free to first responders >> you know, food, anything like that that they need. >> reporter: helping these men and women sacrificed so much this past week to help them. >> the firefighters are starting to get the upper hand, authorities are still cautious to let evacuees back home and here's why, behind you can see an active wildfire still blazing very dangerous and close to this vinyard and claiming so many lives, authorities do not want to take any chances.
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abc news santa rosa california a 50-year-old man was shot and killed why sitting oh and a porch in the city's fair hills section. the victim was shot just after 11:30 last night on the 200 block of east westmoreland street police say he was shot once in the chest and once in the face. he was taken to temple hospital where he later died. police are talking to witnesses to determine if the shooting was the result of an argument at a nearby bar earlier in the night. so far no arrests have been made after man shot twice in the back. this happened in the germantown section of philadelphia. police say the victim was shot just before 1:00 this morning in the unit block of west sharp neck. he's expected to survive and so far no information about a motive and no arrests. >> the 51th annual aids walk 5 kraised more than $575 this morning, the money will be used to support the nearly 30,000
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people living with hiv in the greater philadelphia region. also aims to increase awareness and fight sticking mass. the walk began on eakins oval then participants went up and back along martin luther king drive. free tests were available. thousands were fighting breast cancer today at citizens bank park. and very own rick williams was there. the rally to walker, families, coworkers friends walked together as teams raising awareness and funds for the american cancer society. the money will be used to research and patient support programs. they will also be held in south jersey and next weekend still to come, jimmy kimmel is bringing his show back to brooklyn, alicia vitarelli caught up with him today. a woman shot in the head during the vegas massacre stuns her family. the big stride she made over last few days british police are investigating harvey weinstein,
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latest on the assault allegations against the movie mogel. cancer challenges us.
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authorities in great britain are investigating more sexual assault allegations against graved movie producer heinz. >> one woman said she was assaulted several times between 2010 and 2015. act actress was at scott yard wednesday, he raped her in london during the 80's. the president of france
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announced late today he's trying to get weinstein's allege end of honor award revoked >> a maryland woman shot in the head during the las vegas shooting woken up in a coma. she's taking her first steps two weeks after the deadly shooting, she was at the concert with her long-time boyfriend, she woke up friday showing remarkable signs of progress, able to tap her foot to music and squeeze her parents' hands. >> it will be long road, but we're in it for the long haul because she made it through this far. >> gofundme site has been established. the goal was to raise $50,000 to help with her recovery. it's now at almost $550,000. much more on action news, what you need to know before you roll up your sleeves for that flu shot. members of the philadelphia sheriff's department are on the way to puerto rico. how they will be helping out over the next few weeks
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a story of hope out of california. a family that thought their dog died when their home burned down gets quite a surprise. of the wildfires up and down
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california are still wreaking havoc, there was a heart warming surprise for the a family that believed their dogs was killed. >> reporter: after a week of deadly and catastrophic fires. >> everything is gone. >> some of the tiniest victims
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rescued. this morning an unexpected discovery. >> izzy, izzy. come here, baby. >> my god. >> izzy. here, baby. >> the weaver family dog tail wagging thought to have been lost in the fire found. >> we didn't expect to see her, jack weaver and his brother in law had been hiking miles desperately trying to reach the family hope to survey the damage >> i can't show you the view >> stunned after seeing the total loss and then overjoyed >> izzy is here. come here, baby. >> we were going to video the house for my parents and see what we could find and praying that she might be there and we came off here in the corner, we didn't expect to see her. and she came out, and it was relation tears of happiness, one of the greatest moments of my life. >> she's a lover.
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she just wants to kiss on everybody. >> reporter: way to go izzy. time for the accu-weather forecast, we never quite got there with the sunshine today. >> the clouds really were dominating today. we had a lot of wind out of the southwest, but not enough to kick up these clouds today. walk over this way. we'll show you where we did get sunshine. down the shore in cape may, more in the way of sunshine today, button land along the i95 corridor and areas of the north and west a fair amount of cloud cover and because of that, the temperatures didn't respond the way we thought they were i'm going to, 72 right now in philadelphia, 69 in allentown, 73 lancaster, reading 70 at the coast in cape may, 73 in dover 73. looking at the day planner, probably mostly cloudy at 7:00 p.m. clouds trying to break as we go throughout the rest of tonight but we will be tracking an
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isolated shower later on this evening and into the overnight hours with cold front moves on through and really knocks our temperatures close to where they should be for this time of year. here's satellite 6 along with action radar, the clouds finally starting to thin out across the delaware and lehigh valleys, you look off to the north and west and the clouds once again starting to thicken, there's a cold front moving across moving to the south and east as you go through rest of tonight and during the overnight hour, next 12:00 hours lots of clouds and an isolated likely later on, 66 in philadelphia for overnight low. here's future tracker 6, 9:30 you notice the cold front off to the west and still west of the poconos, during the overnight hours, by midnight have showers into our northwestern suburbs and creeping closer to the i95 corridor. you can see that during the overnight hours, showers will be scattered across the region. by 10:30 tomorrow morning, we'll start to clear on out but look
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at the wind direction, today, we have those winds coming in out of the southwestly direction, and by tomorrow morning or the afternoon, the northwest wind flow that will mean cooler conditions on the way. future tracker 6 showing you 3:30 tomorrow afternoon, most spots maxing out in the upper 50's and lower 60's across the area. here's a call from accu-weather forecast, cooler with sunshine, 60 degrees at 8:00 a.m. 58 at 10:00 tomorrow morning and temperatures once again by tomorrow afternoon, will be in the lower 60's across the region. forecast as high pressure returns across much of the area this week and we're tracking dry and comfortable conditions and details coming up in the next half hour. >> thank you. the caribbean is fast approaching tourism season and communities are working overtime to try to get the islands partially back in business. despite destruction in some places, 75% of the region
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escaped the hurricane's unskanled, saturday martin's airport is open and resorts are being rebuilt. dominica could start welcoming tourists as early as january, 80% of roof tops were torn off cruises have been began scheduling trips to san juan, some services will be up and running by this winter. >> much more on action news tonight. the tips for saving the next time you dine out >> and the late night talk show host jimmy kimmel is bringing his show back to brooklyn for a week. his show back to brooklyn for a week. sweet 4k tv, mr. peterson. thanks. i'm pretty psyched. did you get fios too? no, was i supposed to get fios? mr. peterson. fios is a 100% fiber-optic network. it's like it was invented to stream 4k movies and shows. how do you know so much about tv and internet?
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his show to brooklyn, alicia vitarelli caught up with him. >> reporter: jimmy kimmel is back in brooklyn his birth place for a while week of live shows, crews are getting the theater ready to welcome put some of the biggest names here in the states, anyone from billy joel to tony bennett to howard stern, even kimmel's icon david letterman expected to make appearances this week. >> i have a story to tell. >> reporter: we all know that kimmel has been getting serious lately using his platform to take on big issues affecting our country, everything from healthcare to gun control to the oval office. he tells me he didn't expect it to get so emotional. >> no parent should ever have to decide if they can afford to save their child's life
5:24 pm
>> tears i wasn't planning on. although i have trouble keeping them in. so that w >> you never saw the marlboro man crying. you know? >> we can cry with you. it's it's a real >> do you have any idea how embarrassing it is? >> reporter: he he says you can expect big laughs and like he calls them, happy tear, his full week of live shows in brooklyn kicks off tomorrow here on 6 abc. you can hear more of my interview with jimmy tomorrow on action news at noon. in brooklyn, alicia vitarelli. channel 6. one film, five legendry athletes, a new documentary is making its philadelphia debut next week and it's had a homecoming for a local film maker. >> they want to go to olympics and i didn't know too much about that because there was not too
5:25 pm
exposure put about it. they said you have to go by the book, which i did, but i did it a little extra touch >> winning tells the story of several athletes who made an remarkable impact on sports and the sport world and world around them. tells the story of how they achieved greatness and the people who helped them along the way. it was directed and produced by jaclyn joseph from lower merion native. winning will be screened wednesday, october 18th at 7:00 at the bryn mawr institute includes a q and a section. after the screening with the director, jaclyn tickets available now h. you can see more on what makes action news philly proud. 6 abc. joel embiid missed practice today but is it cause for concern. we'll meet a 69-year-old woman who proved you're never
5:26 pm
too old to race bmx bikes >> we catch up with law enforcement officers spending the next three weeks in puerto rico >> those stories and much more when action news at 5:00 returns.
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. some of the big stories on action news making lunches at 5:30, recovery efforts in puerto rico continues to be painfully slow, nearly four weeks after holes and the island's infrastructure were wiped out by hurricane maria. how a man survived 17 hours stranded in the water after embarking what was supposed to
5:28 pm
be a simple fishing trip health experts say don't put off getting the flu. why it could be dangerous to under estimate the virus. now to the crisis. recovery process is turning out to be painfully slow. three and a half weeks after hurricane maria ripped across puerto rico, the governor said 85% of residents are still without electricity down slightly from last week. it could take two more months in the sweltering heat for everyone to be back on line. some people are utilizing air conditioned cars to cool off briefly. the army has set up a field hospital near san juan to help overloaded clinics. four philadelphia sheriffs officers will be in puerto rico, an inspector, sergeant and two deputies were given an escort to philadelphia international airport today. all four men also have families
5:29 pm
in puerto rico. >> some of our family members we heard from others, we haven't heard from. we're hoping to at least make some type of contact >> the officers are expected to return on november 4. a church in jenkintown has been busy collecting donations, world mission society church of god spent last two weeks collecting supplies. they received everything from toilet trees to water and canned food. several church members will soon travel to the island themselves to deliver those items personally. there was a big turn-out this afternoon at the philadelphia zoo to support the hundreds of thousands of americans affected by distony ya, it's a disorder, because moving can be difficult or impossible. the zoo took steps to insure everybody could enjoy the day out. those who could walked through the zoo to raise money for treatments and research. all these parents know the emotional and financial struggles brought on by
5:30 pm
infertility and they all received help from the nonprofit group the baby quest foundation. today in center city, the parents put with their children by side shared stories of home and triumphth and encourage others to get involved with the work leave it to the venture aquarium to find way to combine sharks and yoga. they held a special class today described as z en meets jaws, the hour long class took place right next to the 550,000 gallon shark exhibit. guests were invited to stay after yoga class to tour the aquarium. these dogs and owners walked for a great cause. the fourth annual fund raising dog walk held in wayne delaware county. nine regional nonprofits will benefit, some dogs showed off performing trips navigating a course. it's a coffee to national dog show month in philadelphia. a catholic school in
5:31 pm
delaware county is celebrating its 100th anniversary, a special mass held at the blessed virginia mary alarm school. the bishop who oversees catholic education for the archdiocese of philadelphia. the school also has several other events planned for the centennial. the action cam was at the catholic basilica of st.'s peter and paul, charles chaput concentrated the archdiocese of philadelphia to our lady of fat ma, the catholic churn believes that 100 years ago on october 13th, 1917, mary, the mother of jesus, appeared for the sixth and last time the three shepherd children in fat ma, porch cal. the children said mary told them that there would be a war worse than world war one if the world did not return to god. we'll introduce you to the coolest dirt biking 69-year-old grandmother on the face of the earth. flu season around the corner with clearing up myths about the flu shots.
5:32 pm
tips for dine, out on a budget. how you can enjoy a night out without breaking the bank. meteorologist melissa magee is in the weather center with the latest. you see over my shoulder outside in cape may, plenty of sunshine, but here in philadelphia, stuck in the clouds and because of that temperatures right now are only in the lower 70's. 72 in the city, due point in at 63. we got south to south westerly wind that will be changing as cooler air arrives on monday. details coming up with a full and exclusive accu-weather forecast.
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keep track of restaurant week, there's a bunch all throughout the year, from center city to specific neighborhoods, new jersey and the shore, restaurant week offer the best deals of the year from price fixed meals to incentives. next attend a soft open, there are a slew of new restaurants opening around town with an unprecedented boom happening right now. before the grand opening there's a soft launch you can is sample the menu discounted price. next avoid specials says there's often more expensive than items on the menu. pizza hut is heating things up
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with a pizza power outage and box designed to make your pizza up to 15 decrease hotter when it arrives. high tech insulation is being used to keep pizza customers warm with pizza parkas complete with a sleeve to hold your cell phone and pockets actually designed to hold parmesan and pepper, even a slice of pizza. if you're not craving something sweet at the moment. you may be soon. a group of pace tree chefs in peru landed a spot in the gunshot wound book of world record. the chocolate bar was made up of 70% cure cocoa and covered 226 square feet. the bar was five centimeters thick. the big sweet included 44 pound in chestnuts and wall nuts, the creating the chocolate bar did not come cheap. organizers say getting it done cost about $77,000. >> wonderful if that will fit in the parka. >> need that.
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>> you know, >> i won't fit into the suit by 11:00 jeff skversky has sports, eagles wouldn't thursday >> and that win is so critical when it comes to today, the way things playing out the eagles in a ago spot tonight. eagles with a rare sunday off. chance to rest and take a breather with the staff. five in one start like rest of us, eagles can watch football from couch. greenbay with a five and one. tie the eagles check this out. of minnesota aaron rogers breaks his right collar bone drilled to the ground. the packer says roger could miss the rest of the season hicks replacement brett hunly trying to sabotage the game. greenbay goes down 23-10. falcons lose as well. so the eagles are in sole
5:38 pm
possession of the top spot first place in the nfc. next up for eagles, the redskins at home next monday night. today washington taking on the win less 49er, three and change left. kirk cousins, washington doesn't quite run away. 99er comes back to score then a chance down to they throw it away. redskins hang on a win, 26-24, three and two. they're here next monday night. the eagles remain in first place in the division in the conference as well. there's also the only ones undefeated in nfc against nfc teams. that could be a recipe for winning. the eagles, 2014 and of course, last year, when they missed the playoffs. birds say this is different. they believe they can maintain this stretch the rest of the way. because the birds are hungry
5:39 pm
right now. >> you don't celebrate a successful, think about a, you know, we'll be happy with winning the games. five games. i don't think, you know, i don't think anybody is happy with that. that's not our goal. we have far lot more than that. >> lots more from malcomb jenkins and the eagles tonight on afternoon sports sunday at 11:35. no jo jo today, joel embiid misses practice to rehab his left knee and because of a sprained left ankle. the coach brett brown said embiid is expected to play in the opener wednesday in washingto washington. >> wow. brown intends to practice today they say get ready for the wizards and the openerer markelle fultz has been limited
5:40 pm
with shoulder and knee issues. he reminds fultz and ben simmonds the intensity will be on another level come wednesday. >> i think it's the case the ball sharing making shots, all of that has qualify a pretty offense lately. as we all know, the regular season and preseason are night and day. it's not even close. >> penn state is moving on up despite a with week, the nittany lions move's to second in the top 25 college football. highest ranking. they face michigan saturday on 6 abc. soccer eliminated in playoff contention union with nothing to play for in their final two games including today against chicago and bad start three minutes in. of nicholas passed james, going down one nil comes right back few minutes later. they will take it and the union
5:41 pm
have scored two first half goals right now they're up two one in the first and one more game after this. they've been eliminated from playoff earlier this week. tough season for the union but trying to finish up right. to the story of one really cool grandmother from indiana. on a dare from her son, she became a bmx racer nearly 30 years ago and never looked back. >> reporter: 69-year-old kitty got hooked on bmx riding almost 30 years ago. >> that was probably the most thrilling exciting experience. >> reporter: she's the oldest female bmx racer in the country and still winning championships >> so i am 69, big deal. age is nothing but a number. >>reporter: sometimes she competes against women much younger and sometimes even
5:42 pm
against men. >> why do i continue to race this sport? number one, fun. number two, more fun. number three, even more fun. >> reporter: she also loves how it keeps her on her toes >> you can look and say to yourself, whoa, that's easy. until you get to that particular obstacle. >> reporter: several years ago, kitty got both her hips and knees surgically replaced. but that's not something that could keep this lifelong biker down. the wheels just keep spinning as she continues to inspire the world. >> doesn't matter i come across the finish line first or second or third. i always finish. and as i tell people, every time i get on my bike, i win. >> reporter: kitty is too cool. she's going to keep on riding until she can't ride anymore.
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. health officials recommend most adults and kids over six months should be getting a flu shot. this year they're saying to do it early to best protect yourself and family. here's reporter and registered nurse, sally gorman. >> reporter: like many viruses the flew is unpredictable. but based on what was seen in australia, it's possible we could see a severe season that hits early. that's why health officials wanted people vaccinated before
5:46 pm
the end of object. not to under estimate how dangerous the flew virus can be >> we tend to forgot that the flu is a very serious illness, and every year, hundreds of thousands of people are hospitalized in the united states and unfortunately, there may be somewhere between 4,000 and 40,000 people who died from flu every year >> ally gorman here, i hosted a facebook chat with dr. tom farley. we broke down a few common misconceptions, people will say i don't want to get the new shot because i got it last year and it gave me the flu. >> that is a myth, the flu shot does not give you the flu. it protects you against the flu. and worse, you have a sore arm. >> reporter: another misconception is that you don't need a flu shot every year. >> we need to get vaccinated against flu every year, because the flu viruses can change from year-to-year, and our immunity to flu viruses goes down in
5:47 pm
between each injection. >> ally gorman, channel 6 action news. the flu shot is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your family. it's especially important for young kids to get vaccinated, because they're more likely to spread the flu. a man from connecticut is sharing his harrowing tale after spending 17 hours stranded in long island sound. of michael diaz woke up saturday and decided to go fishing in his kayak, he was just off the shore when the wind and waves kick you wanted. he tried getting to land but the waves kept pushing him back. he spent the night in the water and ended up eight miles before he started. he spotted a light house in nor walk >> took about 60, 90 minutes but i eventually got there at 11:30 in the morning i put my hand on the rung of that ladder in the light house, i knew at that point i was ok. >> a passing boater spotted diaz that morning and called the coast guard that eventually pulled him from the water. he spent several days in the
5:48 pm
hospital being treated for hypo thermia and exhaustion >> a lot of gray days lately >> gray, cloudy, the sun will come out tomorrow. sing it. >> where did i hear that before? >> it's going to get cooler too. >> don't wait for me >> the action cam was outside earlier, we are looking at the parkway, the ben franklin parkway close to broad street. fair amount of cloud cover overhead and because of the clouds, we didn't see a lot of sunshine today and these temperature $ not respond either of here's sky 6 live hd looking at the center city is skylinely you look at storm tracker 6 live double scan radar, we're not tracking precipitation but overnight a cold front will be moving, and once the front moves on through, temperatures will
5:49 pm
get cooler, in philadelphia we're coming in at 72, 69 at allentown, cape may, 73, dover, also in the lower 70's at this hour. here are the wind speeds right now, coming in from the south westerly direction and because of that south westerly wind temperatures are actually in the lower 70's as we go throughout the day tomorrow, the wind will shift and become more of a northwesterly component and have that direction to a wind speed and because of that it's actually going to be a much cooler day. here's satellite 6 along with action radar, the cloud starting to thin out across the delaware and lehigh valleys, look up to the north and west. tracking the cold front across the eastern great lakes back to the ohio valley will work its way eastward later on and first thing tomorrow morning and in the wake of that, it certainly gets cooler from the start of our work week, the rest of tonight it's mostly cloudy. showers and isolated showers will arrive later on, drop down to 54 in reading, 53 in allentown, 60 in philadelphia, 60 in cape may and 57 in dover.
5:50 pm
here's future tracker six timing out the precipitation, we got the south westerly wind and the cold front by 11:00. the showers in the poconos down to lancaster, they will approach the i95 corridor during the overnight hours and we will clear out as we go throughout the early morning hours but the wind shifts and becomes northwesterly. what's happening to high pressure that will cool our region off? in fact, a blast of fall on the way early this week with high pressure taking over. and temperatures maxing out for the first half of the week in the 60's. for tomorrow, sun, it will be a cooler day, high temperature in at 64, 65 in millville, 61 in allentown. 62 in reading, 62 as well in lancaster in dover, the high temperature only 64 so tomorrow will be a couple of degrees below average, something to keep in mind late tuesday, monday night into early tuesday morning, there will be a frost advisory for the poconos. temperatures early tuesday morning and these locations will be in the mid 30's.
5:51 pm
the exclusive accu-weather forecast showing you change is coming our way, sun is cooler tomorrow, high temperature of 64. that frost feeling costs with areas of patchy frost early tuesday morning. otherwise a high temperature of 64. it's warmer on wednesday, it's a nice day and it's 71. thursday, sunshine and clouds, 75, the dry stretch continues on friday. and it's 76, 78 on saturday and warm for october next sunday with a high of 80 degrees. >> high pressure takes over and dries out. >> thanks, melissa. in the midst of the chaos in the california wildfires wine makers are trying to savage the grape harvest. without water or power, many wineries had to rely on old school methods, cornell barnard has the story from sonoma county. >> reporter: it might be first for veteran wine maker dillon sheldon, stomping grapes, the old faxed way. >> improvise without power. >> sheldon works inspiration
5:52 pm
vineyards where the power has been out since monday, burnt out neighborhoods caught in the path are only a half block away. a small generator powers a pump to extract wine from tanks, many employees have friend who are lost everything or are still in harm's way. >> my girlfriend's family is actually in danger of losing their home in sonoma. i evacuated a continental days ago. >> john phillips bottles his own wine and processes his grapes for a dozen other labels. stopping his operation would mean ruin for the unprocessed grapes. >> really, turn lemons into lemonade, savage a bad situation and try to have enormous and continue to support the wine community. >> some equipment now on loans from nearby wineries, competition on hold. three doors down, generators power a grape press, employee
5:53 pm
soldiering on. despite the devastation >> it'ser reand odd, but working is a good distraction from the reality that some of us live inform. >> reporter: harvesting remaining grapes is a challenge. some wineries in sonoma and napa were damaged or destroyed. lasting effect unknown. dillon sheldon said he'll keep stomping grapes to support fellow wine makers who have lot of it all. it's now a family operation. >> it's really cool thing about sonoma county and napa is just people doing it again. it's -- it is very. >> reporter: the grape harvest goings on. in sonoma county. abc 7 news.
5:54 pm
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hints for keeping you safe. carve pumpkins sounds straightforward >> every year i do see patients come in with a hand related injury, lacerations of digital nerves flexor tendons >> here ares do and don'ts >> kitchen knives are sharp, instead use pumpkin carving tools like this, much smaller, much less sharp and much easier to handle as you're carve, the tough pumpkin skins >> if you have to use kitchen knives may be sure short handles, and don't take the top off before the carve your pattern >> your setting your opposite hand up for sustaining a penetrating injury. >> reporter: carve out just the bottom, that way you won't risk
5:57 pm
getting burned. now to those ways to save this halloween. according deal, buying hard candy instead of chocolate. you'll end up spending 30 versus 50 cents per kid. number two, clip coupons now but buy last minute's prices for candy drop in the last day or two before the holiday. number three, if you're buying costumes instead of making your own, wait until the week or two before halloween. that's when many retailers cut prices by 30 to 50%. more tips on 6, i'm nydia han, channel 6. thanks for joining us. action news at 6 is next.
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♪ . ♪ . delaware valley's leading news program with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and walter
6:00 pm
perez. sunday night first responders from our area head to puerto rico to help raise much needed supplies >> a puppy is found abandoned along a busy road in south philadelphia. the big story is the arrest of man who police say tried to run down a sheriff's deputy in south philadelphia last night. >> and he did so with a missing 14-year-old inside his car. action news reporter bob brooks has the story. >> reporter: we tell neighbors what happened here and their south philadelphia neighborhood they're stunned. >> i don't even know hows at the word. i'm in shock. >> i don't understand that to be total honest with you. >> reporter: police say it's where a 32-year-old man was found in his car with him a missing 14-year-old girl. >> i believe he should be locked up. >> reporter: police also say that same man attacked a philadelphia sheriff's deputy the weapon he used his car. it happened last night around 11:30 at the intersection of seventh and bigler, according to the police report, two sheriff's deputies were


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